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I've been trying to attract more birds to the garden lately but I really wasn't expecting this! 



Steve 309


What is it?  Looks like some kind of finch - but not one I recognise. 

I have just had a look on the Rspb website and could be a Bullfinch?


No idea what it is! I think it must be an escapee or maybe some sort of a migrant. I don't think Christchurch is considered tropics yet, maybe after some more global warming.



Steve 309

Na.  Bullfinch isn't as brightly coloured and has a smaller bill.  (Maybe it had a discount.  Smaller bill.  Discount.  Oh, never mind...)  Pretyy sure it ain't British anyway.  Either an aviary escape or a first ?


That's exciting.

Definitely not a bullfinch - the nearest I've ever seen to your picture is a House finch from North Africa but the colour is too bright and the markings are too distinct for that.

 I'm pretty good on UK birds but that's not a native species.   I've looked on all the websites with finches from around the world and can't find it.  

Can you notify the RSPB here 

Orchid Lady

Wow that's pretty  Much prettier than the magpies that my dogs keep chasing away !

And you live in Christchurch.......that's where I'm going to live when I win the lottery and can buy a boat from Poole 

Steve 309

Are you a sailor OL?

Orchid Lady

Not at all Steve, but if I win the lottery I will have someone doing it for me while I learn  I'll just be lay on the deck of my Sunseeker with my cocktail...........hmmm, day dreaming is such fun 

Steve 309

OK - well I'll skipper it for you

I coud do with a wealthy patron!

Hi I've just googled your bird and found some pictures of the southern red bishop which look quite similar, but it is a lovely bird you are very lucky to have it visit

Steve 309

...and it has to be a proper sailing yacht, not a motor boat and certainly not a S*ns**k*r !!

Orchid Lady

I take it you're a sailor then Steve? 

Susie, it dies look like a Southern Red Bishop 


Yes, Steve - a 'real' boat.

Fabulous bird Netfella - I hope it will survive our winters.



Most like a Northern red bishopbird.

supposed to be in North Africa, i guess he got lost.

Put it out on birdwatch and charge the twitchers admission!!!!


Yeah looks like a Red Bishop to me as well I wonder how it came to be here? He's still around, he seems to like it in my garden.


Thanks, I'll have a look and see what I have to do. I'm in half a mind just to leave him be. He seems quite happy and is certainly fighting his corner as far as the sparrows are concerned.

I am fairly sure that's actually from mid-to-south Africa, rather than north Africa. I remember seeing this is Cape Town a couple of years back.

I can't see that flying must have escaped from a collection.