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I have a small bird visiting the feeder with the sunflower hearts. It is just like the robin (who also likes the sunflower hearts). It is just like the robin the way it twitches and bobs and is the same shade of brown and size as a robin but has no sign of any red feathers. Is it a robin?  What else could it be?  I see it regularly. Many thanks, Mags

Thanks very much Dovefromabove.  That's what it is.   I thought Dunnocks are ground feeders only so I am wrong    about that!  Best wishes of the Season, Mags


Well they do tend to feed on the ground, but they are passerines (perching birds) and I've seen them venture onto feeders if they feel confident that they're safe and there's cover nearby. 

Lovely little things aren't they?

Seasons Greetings to you too


Maybe it's a juvenile robin


You can usually tell Dunnocks by their pink legs. Shy birds in my experience and there doesn't seem to be as many about these days.

B3 wrote (see)

Maybe it's a juvenile robin

Juvenile robins acquire a red breast at the first moult, which is roughly 10 weeks after fledging. - even in a late brood that wouldn't be after October.


I stand corrected, Dove.  I'm a bird noticer rather than a birdwatcher


Oooh you make me sound a bit fierce - don't mean to be

Earlier in the year it might well have been a juvenile robin, if it had a speckly breast and dark legs


I have, or thought I have, several Dunnocks visiting but now I'm going to have to check to see if they have pink legs! Thanks for the info ????????????????????????

Just another thought, do you have black redstarts in your area Mags? It could be a female, they are brown and bob about. 


Oooh I didn't mean to make you think you'd made me feel you were a bit fierce.

I've ended up with a row of ? Marks in my comment, they were supposed to be Christmas trees...anyway Merry Christmas all.

Bilje..........perhaps I should have said "pinkish" legs..........don't want you discounting them because they don't have "bubblegum" pink legs


My dunnocks happily go in the birdcage and sit on the perches to eat from the feeder, but they're usually on the ground. The legs are quite pale. They're not as rounded as robins, more like female chaffinches in shape 


Mel M

Spoiler alert. Robins breasts are orange not red!


 This dunnock hit the window and I picked it up and put it in the hedge to recover.

My photography skills wouldn't have got this one fully conscious


I would say dunnock if it has a grey bib. Their song is almost identical to a robin.

jo47, a fair few Black Redstarts winter round the coast, particularly in the south and especially in Cornwall. Gardenmaiden, I wouldn't say the Robin and Dunnock songs are anything like each other - the Dunnock is a twitter, whereas the Robin is a warble. 

Definitely a Dunnock.  Many thanks for all your help.  It's a regular visitor and I pleased I now know what it is.   I can identify juv. robins as I get them most years.  Mags