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I need to curtail the ambition of my laurel hedge to take over the world. There are a lot of sloe-like fruits on it. Do birds eat them? I don't mind holding off the pruning if they can use them.

Our blackbirds like them.

Thanks for that, waterbutts. Do they clear them every year? Do they eat them only when all the other food has gone?

I'm sorry, I can't help you there, I have a husband who spends a small fortune on bird seed and bird snacks and keeps buying berry-bearing plants that I am expected to find homes for. The laurels are about 100 feet from the house so I only see them on the way to the compost heap. The precise order in which the berries on the plants disappear has never crossed my mind. It may be skewed somewhat too by the fact that they have all the junk food to live on and definitely prefer it to the natural stuff that they have to forage for.

If they haven't started to eat them by Christmas I'd let them go.

Thanks again waterbutts (do your friends call you butt?). I'm probably fretting over nothing, anyway. I could just put food out to counteract the berries being missing. 


They make sure they smile when they do.

Yes, buy some blackbird mix and you'll have friends for life.


Do some fruits need to have been frosted before the birds will eat them? Just wondering.

Sorry, Fleurisa, haven't a clue. I doubt it though.



I'd expect the berries would be less of a priority for birds as it's usually red ones first then orange and yellow and finally the pink or white ones. The black berries may be last on the list but I'm not sure. Don't think you need to worry too much about about the laurel berries Adam, especially if you put food out for the birds as well 


Hmm, ivy berries are black and they're pretty popular 

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