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Hello, just to make it clear that I am Erica Ward and I DO help my son run this is perfectly legitimate - Harry loves gardening and has just achieved an RHS Silver medals so he is not misleading anyone at all. We are a familt who do things together and there is no intention to mislead. We have never ignored posts on the site and try to engage as many people as possible - we also have a Facebook page which we both run. Hope that this helps to clear up any confusion

Hello, I'm helping out at my local primary school trying to encourage 6 to 10 year olds to get into gardening.  Unfortunately this is not the best time to start it off.  I've checked out the RHS and Gardeners World site, but also looking for any advice/ideas for indoor activities for when the weather is "challenging".  

I would welcome any nuggets of wisdom from gardeners for ideas/plant choices (that fit in with school terms so the harvest/flowering is before summer hols!).  

thanks for your help!


Is there a school garden? Is there a budget, silly question. Find interesting containers to plant in. Does the school hold a harvest festival? Talk to or visit local gardens, nurseries. Walk around the local area counting pink flowers. But yes it is a difficult season to start with. 


My girls' junior school used the forced hyacinth bulbs in glass jars (so that you can see the roots developing) and then sold them off at the school christmas fair - loads of Mums wanted them for their kitchen windowsills - and the children had the thrill of seeing the roots grow and the leaves starting to appear before they were all sold off.


and the broad beans in a jar, can't remember how it goes but someone will.

Mustard and cress.

Conkers, acorns, hawthorn and any other native trees. Need to be kept outside but the sowing can be done inside. 


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