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The garden I worked in today was teaming with blackfly AND ladybirds  So many and not a harlequin in sight. So happy they have finally put in an appearance. Anyone else noticed they've turned up?

Stacey Docherty

My garden is teaming with them as we'll.... There was a thread last week saying they hadn't seen any in ages 


got one or two but not a lot. Other summer insects are really on the go.


Stacey that must be because you are in the South like me. Hopefully they are on there way to you nut. And yeah fidget they are here too 



We had a lot in early spring and then we had the cold spell. Since then I've seen 3.

Lavender Lady

I am in Suffolk and so far have not seen any ladybirds.  Lots of bees, butterflies, and other insects but no ladybirds.  Send a few my way please



Sorry Lavender findsies keepsies 


I'm very close to you, addict, and have not seen any this year.  Plenty of bees and butterflies, but not a single LB


Oh  Bang goes that theory then.


I've seen one and that's it so far this year 

No LB but i have never seen so many butterflys and bees in my garden and allotment have loads of nice plants for them, so what do you do to have LBs.? It seems that the SEast is all the same. 


Susan Giles

Here in south Essex there haven't been any ladybirds in my garden until I spotted one this week. Loads of hoverflies though and I'm even having to love the wasps as they at least also do the job of the pollinator. My husband has been stung a couple of times though.

The bees have been funny to watch as they have been buzzing around my hyacinth, getting drunk on its nectar and coated in pollen. It only takes one flower for them to change colour to a dusky yellow - very cute.

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