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There's a leafcutter bee nesting in a smallish wide terracotta pot on my patio table! The pot has only a coulple of plants in and the bee has burrowed under one of them - I've been watching it go back and forth with leaves all morning 

My question is this: does anyone know if I can still water the plants? Just a little I mean. Also, does anyone know how long thet take to build their nests? By partners awat until Tuesday and hes going to be gutted he missed this!





I've got one in a datura pot. I keep watering it, it doesn't seem bothered.


You'll need to try and get photos or a video PF! At least alpines don't need so much water anyway - and you could always give them a slightly shadier spot if you're worried, but as fidget says -she's watering and they seem fine.

If you see them starting to make boats with the leaves instead fidget- I'd hang firewith the watering can for a bit....


I suppose I could put in on a tray and water from the bottom.

It lives next to where I like eating my dinner so should be able to get some awesome pictures while I eat. I'll water sparingly and watch out for little bee armbands 


I have a leaf cutter bee making a nest in my potted buddlia,  will it do any damage to the roots and kill my plant? 



I shouldn't think so Ingrid.  Watch and enjoy

I have them burrowing into pots in my greenhouse. So far they've gone into 3 aloes and a pepper. 

We repotted two of them and they'd burrowed quite deep into the pot. They'd built their little nests and it looked like a case of woe betide any root that gets in my way type thing. One of my aloes was quite badly damaged root wise. 

i don't mind them but I'd rather they weren't in pots in my greenhouse. I really struggled to find any advice on the net that wasn't aimed at encouraging them. 15 pages of google searches came up with repotting the plants they'd gotten into, so I had to do that more out of desperation than anything else 



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