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found this little guy/girl when out with my dog. please don't say I should have killed it  as they are not native.I have been told they live  here


this area


Lovely, I didn't know they lived here

flowering rose

poor thing,good job you found,I expect someone has dumped it .


Didn't realise this thread had appeared twice, posted on other one. Nice to see the pic' twice.



Sorry about the double post, I don't know how to delete one of them


Apparently they live here in the south west, talking to a man that was close by who told me he has them in his garden

Jim Macd

Thanks for sharing that I didn't know anything about that and a good friend of mine was the deputy head entomologist at London zoo (I always think that should be the name for a tree specialist )


 You're right about entomology Jim. It should be about trees

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