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Hi all,

I forgot to pick some strawberries this evening, so had to nip out at 10pm.

While hunting for ripe ones in what was left of the light, I came across someone else having a snack:

There used to be hedgehogs in my garden but I've not heard them snuffling or seen one for about 3 years, so it's great that they're back!


Great to see him / her



Lucky lucky you.  Did you remember to get your strawberries though?

Stacey Docherty

Lucky you wish I had a hedge pig snuffling around my garden 

How lovely, wish we had one too


Just lovely Bob 

I want one too nut - is there such a thing as hog envy? 

Nice one Bob.  A hedgehog shuffles around here too.  Seen him a couple of times and always makes me chuckle   I am careful on my snail hunt that I don't step on him.

Why didn't they move the hogs down to England instead of culling them in Scotland a few years back? I wish I had a couple!

. Lovely hoggie! if you leave food out they will certainly find it and more will come, especially late summer/early autumn when they are stocking up for hibernating.

We have several visiting nightly . All of the wet food I put out gets eaten most nights. And most of the seeds mix I make up.

I found Teigan - who is  one of my overwinterers from 2012 - with a man hog twice her size. I can only say that her attempts at dissuading his romantic advances were half hearted at best - lol! She is my special hoggy as she is just so nice, lovely natured girly, always seems happy, always wearing a smile when I grab her for a weight check or to redo her mark. I really hope she has babies - they will be her first - but I hope she doesn't decide to leave me a late litter of autumn bubs


good to see  them when they come back isn't it. 

Often hear mine snuffling and saw him/her trotting up the side path one night last month. 

Off to buy a strawberry plant! 


That's great Bob

We had one that would visit us last year but we've not seen or heard him/her at all so far this year

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