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Hi, I am about to receive a mixed native hedge, & was just wondering if it's best to plant it alternating the different species, or would it look good planted with maybe several the same in a row? Thanks. 

Do it randomly.  Do a search on here as there are lots of threads about mixed native hedging.

Redwing is right , do it randomly ; it will look much better in the future .

I have two mixed hedges about 200' long running up each side of my rather long garden ; there are a few exotics interspersed within ; but oak , beech , wych elm , dogwood , laurel , field-maple , cherry , ash , holly , hawthorn ,yew , blackthorn predominate . Four specimen silver-birch also for good measure !

Its been in about 25-years now , and I keep them about 5' wide and 6-7' tall . The best windbreaks ever for my centre borders .

I never weed the hedges as I believe they are valuable for insect/bird life ; nettles and ivy are abundant in them. All manner of native flora have appeared over the years . All I do is periodically keep them in check with my Stihl 'long-reach' trimmer .

Maybe or maybe not , I feel I'm trying to do my 'bit' for the local flora and fauna


Thank you, that's what we'll do!

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