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 The daily mail magazine saturday 30 nov.

the bbc plan new 10 week garden series with Monty, Carol, Rachel, Joe, Chris,            Diarmuid and Charlie Dimmock . 

so many of us have asked for more  gardening progs  through the winter months,

it seems the bbc has listened.                                    I for one can't wait.....


Patty - i think the 10 programmes are every night for two weeks.  I will be taping them to stretch them out


It starts Monday 9th Dec


Unfortunately, I think its a crash course, all over in a couple of weeks!



Fab news patty, I hope the mail is right, its a big ask but lets hope so.


Better than what's on now - nothing. Look forward to it.


The first 3 episodes have already been shown, it must be taking a break over xmas as episode 4 & 5 aren't on until 6th/7th Jan 2014.

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