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Hi, I am a total beginner  as such...but love the outdoors...having just lost my horse I have found a new life in my garden until such time as I get another as it has become my I have made a new friend..who is soo cheeky!!


Thank you for the films, sweet robin. I watched the dressage ones as well. Was the skewbald yours? How did you lose him? I have 2 Lusitano mares and have done a bit of dressage, but not for competition. I saw a garden video too, looked pretty good - not like a total beginner.

Hi No, that was a friends horse, the big black one was mine called freestyler!  I lost him to a bad case of colic. Lusitano's are gorgeous! I have a little help from a friend in the garden so she has helped me redesign!  Cannot wait for Spring now to see all the bulbs I have planted, if the squirrels do not eat them all!!


I'm sorry, it must have been heartbraking to lose him, he looked super.

 Here's my little white one, Lena.


Gary Hobson

So is that a Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind.

I had a peep at the dressage too.

flowering rose

oh I do feel for you losing your horse,over the years I have had to say goodbye to many (horse mates).lena looks a little bit like Misty That I ride .I have known her for years and it will break my heart when she goes.Do get back on horse back and hack out ,its such a joy to ride and see the countryside and be in contact with a horse,its therapy for the soul.

Lena is a beauty!!  Is that you riding too?.  yes Lyon Greene it was a close encounter lol!!.  I must admit I cannot be without horses so am managing to ride some of my friends, although its not the same as having your own.  They are for sure the best therapy I know!x


Hello, that is me on Lena. I'm having a fit of the giggles, I was having a jumping lesson, Lena's first jumping lesson. She loved it, but it was a very hot day and she had a panic attack when they got out sunshades for the group of friends who were watching!

I have a very tame great tit who comes into the covered terrace next to the kitchen and steals the bird food that is wrapped in it's bags and scatters it everywhere. I put food outside but he prefers to come in! He lets me come quite close but not enough to feed him like your robin.

Brilliant...the picture shows both of you have a partnership, horses can make you laugh!!

Cheeky bird, he obviously feels quite safe inside!! Animals are great, I wonder if they do have a sense of humour?!!


Oakley Witch
2010 we lost quite a few to colic. I used to help manage a comp yard of dressage horses and teach disabled and mentally ill patients. I loved it. I lost my own a while back now. You must miss him/her.
I have a robin who takes food from my hand now. Lovely wee thing.

You are very patient. Don't his wings move fast, reminds me a bit of a hummingbird.

Bunny ...
How lovely . My mum always has a special thought for them as her mother in law said when she dies she would return as a robin. When she did die many years later sitting on a garden chair enjoying her garden my mum received a visitor on the arm of her chair.....a robin and so close . She got quite a surprise ! To this day I think of my gran when I see one .

Busy-Lizzie..Talking of humming visit the USA most years to see my hubbies is a clip I took a couple of years ago!!...

How wonderful bunnysgarden...Many people say about Robins and butterflies, I use to think "ummm ok!!"...but now I do think differently!!...

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