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Just out of nowhere this little gem appeared? can someone please enlighten me as to what it is? 










Elephant hawkmoth  caterpillar, 2nd one on the forum this week, I still haven't seen one, ever. But I do know the moth


These lucky people finding these hawk moths. I'm out in the garden every night waiting to see one as the fields around our house are full of rosebay willowherb which is, I think, their food plant. Still not seen one!


I'm afraid the only "sugaring" I know is the one at the beauty parlour. Not the same thing, I take it. Doing that in the garden at midnight would maybe not disturb the neighbours but it might surprise them.


I'm afraid a beauty parlour is outside my experience.

We don't really have next door neighbours, except the farmer and he's not out there at night. The people over the roadalready know we're a bit weird

No, I've had a look and I am pretty sure that sugaring at the beauty parlour does not involve over ripe bananas.

There is one in the fruit bowl as I write. Do i just smear it on the tree with some brown sugar and kirsch? I'll have a go. It's beautifull warm tonight.


Give it a try, nothing to lose. Take your camera

Stacey Docherty

Lol kirsch are you trying to get the insects drunk???!!!


nut is that really what you do to get them in? That's brilliant - I might even get brave enough to do that but I don't know if we get them up here in Scotland. Probably just extra wasps which are enjoying all sorts of stuff just now. To think we had all that willowherb at last house that we spent hours keeping back from invading the entire garden and there could have been loads of those dining in style! 


Hi fairygirl. We use a light trap but sugaring is good cos you don't need any equipment. Try it, you'll be amazed.

You might get some wasps, we get the odd one in the trap, but mostly they've gone to bed after dark.

Waiting for a report back from waterbutts


Hello. Well, I made a fine old mess in the kitchen with  my old banana and some brown sugar and kirsch. It didn't taste bad at all. Went out into the night (no street light for miles around) and switched on the light that we have by the gate for visitors. Smeared the mixture onto the tree by the gate. Retreated to house and waited. And waited. And waited. Nothing more than the usual little brown jobs and orange underwings - and they all seemed to be giving my sugaring mixture a very wide berth indeed. Went to bed.

Woke up this morning. The tree looks like someone has leaned against it after a particularly heavy pub crawl.

I shall have another look this evening......


wb, turn the light off, it will attract some of them away from the sugar. Go out and look with a torch




Wow, that hawk moth is beautiful! I found a Lime Hawk Moth a couple of years ago, resting on the wall in our garden. 




that's a lovely moth gladioli girl. I've never seenone of those. And I've got a lime tree for it

Well, I found a couple of these EHM caterpillars today, they were three inches long and fat as a pencil (or even fatter), very pretty things to look at. Until you see one in the flesh you can't really appreciate just how big they are. One even retracted its trunk (which makes its head big and round) and reared up in the 'snake' pose which is their defence strategy; it frightens birds apparently.

I felt privileged anad proud for a moment ... then found catties of the Large White eating my cabbage ... pride comes before a fall as they say.

Hmm there must be a technique to this sugaring business that I don't have. Put it on the tree the other night and went out to look by torchlight. Something not quite right. What could it be? Ah yes. Pouring with rain. Tried the next night. Too cold (5 Celcius) and nothing flying about. This morning the mixture was as hard as rock and covered in ants. Went out to look tonight. More ants. 

Lots of moths on the big pink buddleia though.