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Oh okay thanks Invasive though, would never had thought they would have been that, how often do you divide the clumps (if atall?)


They seed and they spread but they're easy to get out.

Oh right, was getting worried that I was gonna be adding a monster to my garden!

chilli lover
Yes absolutely easy to get out if they pop up where you don't want them and in a similar vein easy to move and put them where you do want them

How fast do they grow? And how often do you divide the clumps?



And they seed with new leaf and flower colour if you have a few different ones. I've got some lovely silver leaved ones and one with a pale pink flower that must have seeded from one of them. If wasn't here previously


You can hack them about any time you want Ryan. I'd put them in a middle group of spreaders. Willing but not thugs.

Aww, so they like create hybrids? Can't wait for them to start seeding!


Not hybrids, they're crosses between 2 species. Theses are colour variations in the same species. Lots of plants do it. The hellebores and aquilegias are vary good at it.

I have a lavender hedge around the front path, like artjak says, you can hear the buzzing in the house. I never have any probs pruning it. They aren't interested in you

Mahonia for winter interest for the bees (and you)

there are several bee conseration grops that do wildflower seeds for attracting them.

good luck

Oh okay nutcutlet, I bought hellebores yeaterday and bought aquilegias last year, had no idea they cross polinate, but it's definitely a good thing!

And Sinevegas, I really want to get a lavender hedge, what variety have you got?

Woodgreen wonderboy

Breaking News!!.....spoke to a bee expert yesterday (at least I hope he was-- he sold me a lot of honey)...the queen bees are not laying eggs in this cold weather, so the colonies are basically dormant waiting for warmer weather. So nature puts everything on hold. Not sure what this means for buying and propogating plants in this awful Spring.

That is a real, shame, as I do love bees (and butterflies) and was really hoping for huge colonies to take to my newly planted garden. However, I suppose it gives me more time to get everything sorted before they start coming out and taking over then

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