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Following the successful fledging of chicks from my blue tit nest box over the weekend, Id like to install a camera inside for next year.

Can anyone recommend a suitable camera for fitting inside an existing nest box please?



That's a great idea Lf. 

Have you looked at Wildlife Kate's website? She has lots of cameras and i think she may also sell them . I would also love one but i think they are a bit pricey. Still waiting for blue tits to fledge think it will be any time now 


I bought a ready made one from Aldi for £35. I took down my old successful box and replaced it with the new one. 7 blue tits fledged 2 weeks ago and have provided a lot of entertainment for the whole family.


i had some bluetits in the nest box that i have in the tree at the end on my garden,i think the birds have gone because i can not see any blue tits going in to the box,but i love watching the birs in my gardenand i have other wildlife come in to my garden,quite a few months a go i had a hunney bees nest hangng in one of the trees out on the road where i live,

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