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chicks hatched! not sure how many  both patents busy feeding.

Woodgreen wonderboy

A few years ago a blackbird built it's nest by my front door. The chicks hatched and were quite big before I realised they were right under my nose!!!


Aliesh, how lovely   It looks as if two of my babies have survived from the three I saw in the nest and they follow father around begging even though they are perfectly able to fend for themselves! Mother was sitting on a new clutch of eggs but this afternoon I noticed she was not on the nest; hoping she was just taking a quick break and hasn't abandoned them.


Lovely Aliesh.

Flo -I used to enjoy watching the adult sparrows feeding their chicks even though the chicks were the same size as Mum and Dad! I have a pic somewhere so will try and find it.



Just like people fairygirl, feeding kids that are bigger than us. 


Fairygirl, that is fabulous! We used to have nesting starling round here and saw a lot of that going on. Sadly not a starling in sight for many years now.

OH was trying to take pics of Mr B feeding the youngsters yesterday. Bloomin' dog ran out and frightened the babes away! He got a nice pic or two of Mr B with a beakful of goodies.

And, a very quick peek has confirmed that Mrs B is back on the nest  

Hi chicks have started to fledge today, still not sure how many.


 This was the first very brave and left the shed in no time.


Just gorgeous Aliesh! Looks like at least four or five little beaks in there!

Flo-We were plagued by starlings nesting in annexe roof at last house . Had to block all the holes up after they'd gone to stop the mess they made when we came to sell- didn't look too good all down the roof and fence...


Aliesh, that is wonderful

I wish mine were in a good place for photographing,but it's lovely to see yours.

Fairygirl, it is a shame that some birds can be so messy. For several years there were house martins nesting under the eaves of the flats above our local shops but people got fed up with the mess and pulled all the vacated nests down.

Hi guys, I have a blackbird nest above my back door in the rafter of my canppy - not at all secret!! she has 4 eggs and she comes and goes. I think she was trying to make a nest for a few weeks but was making a right mess of it (and my garden!) and then all of a sudden I only saw the male and next day there was a perfect nest, lol! I haven't seen him for a while but I can hear her foraging in my 'jungle' part of the garden when she's not in the nest. Can anyone tell me how long it is from now until the chicks fledge, I'm so terrified she'll get spooked by being in such an open and busy (I'm in and out all the time) spot?


I'm afraid that's not going to end in success - far too late in the year for blackbirds to rear a brood.  Even if they hatch they won't survive   Sad but that's nature - the blackbirds got it wrong this year. 

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