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flowering rose

I have just come back from a holiday in Norfolk in a lovely part on the fens.I thought Norfolk was all flat and fen but that is not true and is full of diverse country although not as hilly as the west and certainly the wind never stopped blowing.The wildlife on the fen where we were staying was amazing with all different birds.The most spectacular was the Barn owl at dusk ,a beautiful evening with a fantastic sunset (Norfolk has a big sky)the owl came low flapping across the fen come right up to us and we watched him hunt.He came again  another night and again we watched him hunt.I have only seen a Barn owl once before many years and this was a surprise.

Woodgreen wonderboy

The hills of Norfolk were left behind by the retreating ice-age


wonderful sight fr. only a few years ago, no more than 10, we used to see them hunting over then fen. it would be lovely to have them back


..Norfolk has plenty of wildlife... some of it human... and decidedly strange here and there...


Glad you enjoyed it FG - it is beautiful here, with so many diverse and beautiful habitats



I agree - my Mum was from old Norfolk stock, and I love going back there.  Only place I have ever seen a Barn Owl too.

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