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Hi, trying to find bird seed that doesn't contain any nuts or traces of nuts.  Starting a garden for the children I work with and one or two do have nut allergies.  I don't seem to be able to find anything.  I'm hoping that someone on this forum can help me out. Thank you


I find that sunflower hearts attract lots of different birds - would they be ok?

Thank you for your responses. Had a look at the website, problem solved  The nut free cookies will be fun for the children to make as well.

Thank you so much.


What about sunflower and niger seed that comes in its own pack? With gardening gloves issues to all children to try and avoid any potential contamination.


I just feed sunflower hearts bought in a large sack from the local feed store and a big sack of niger seed bought on line. Since all the Starlings seemed to have vanished from the Fens over the last 3 years, the fat balls that i make with linseed or buy are never eaten.


Jim Macd

Hey, it looks like a nut free thread too. I use lard and seed, the starlings can't get enough. My neighbour puts out kibbled suet and steals all the birds.

thanks for posting this, my girls are coeliac, so can't handle a lot of bird food that has any kind of wheat, rye oats in.  Have been trying to think about what we could do for them, that wont leave a load of mess in the garden. 

Jim Macd

Peanuts, I only use Sunflower and niger seed now. I got really tired of all the mess. I get no mess at all now. I can still make my lard cakes with them.

Jim Macd wrote (see)

Hey, it looks like a nut free thread too.


No. I'm here Jim


Jim Macd

Ooh, that would put me off bran flakes for life.  But I'm a buddhist so that's not an option for me.


I'm not sure I'd want them in the kitchen. Would the little icebox at the top of the shed fridge be good enough?

Post the instructions Edd, I'm interested

Jim Macd

I don't think they'd be the big one's nut, I read they're super, beafed up ones. I grew quite a lot my accident once. In my bread rasing baskets that got forgotten asbout. I did  'set them free' in the garden though.

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