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Stop recommending spraying your roses would help.....


I've had some Red Admirals Mike,admittedly not as many as there have been Peacocks and Small Tortoiseshells but some 


Some big dragonflies here today, and the bats were back last night.

It seems to be a good year for Peacocks, We've have loads this year!


 I've seen more Red Admirals in Norfolk this year than for several years past. 


Victoria Sponge

I've only seen 2 peacocks at any one time so I'm getting the impression there are not that many around here and I haven't seen a red admiral for years, (are they common in the North?)

Lots of small torts though - hopefully partly due to my nettles. I've got caterpillars on them again although they are being mysterious and keeping inside the webs.

Plan for next year is thicken up the nettle patch and try night scented stock again for the moths- this years batch didn't come up.


Plenty of Red Admirals here too ( Somerset )


Just saw the first peacock a couple of days ago and the red admirals should be along soon. It's small tortie heaven in the garden just now though - can't move for 'em!

Ok - slight exaggeration...

I think the peacock was trying to tease me - couldn't get a pic because he was too high or there was a breeze so I put the camera down. Then he came and sat perfectly still on the paving and as soon as i went to get the camera he flew away. Then he was on the bench - same thing, flew away when I got the camera. Then beside the back door.... just taunting me frankly...

gardenning granny

I've had a lot of peacocks too, but Mike - why don't they like white buddleija?  I potted some seedlings last year and one is flowering white (the rest are deep purple) and the butterflies don't go near it.


How odd gg. Mine is covered in bees of all kinds, and butterflies, and was last year too. 

Perhaps they're just being picky 


Its interesting that there is so much variation across different gardens in different places.

I have lots of Peacocks on my Budleas at the moment and in the last week have had loads of Gatekeepers. No Red Admirals though.

I have seen lots of red admirals and peacocks on my Buddleas and everlasting sweet pea. Must be the Oxfordshire air. 

The wildlife are in abundance this year here I have no idea why. Last year there was very little activity with the exception of Tits and Finches and Dunnocks.

David Matthews2

Species numbers still fairly low here in inner-urban coastal Pembs: Red Admiral, Peacock, Small & Large Whites, smallish blue, plus Speckled Wood in latest warm/sunny spell. Tiger Moth and Maybugs still fairly unusual sightings for me.

Mark 499

 Had 11 Small Tortoiseshell on my Buddliea today & almost as many Peacocks, only seen a couple of Red Admirals though.


That's a gorgeous picture Mark. If anything with the Buddlea being white,it emphasises the colour of the butterflies 


Last week I had 18 butterflies in the garden Large whites small whites gatekeeper painted lady,  peacock, tortoise shell and comma. Since then the red admiral has put in an appearance I even saw a sliver studded blue female which I almost mistook for a gatekeeper till I got my glasses out, I count between eight and ten per day at the moment so I count myself lucky.

Victoria Sponge

Wow. Great picture Mark - and good to hear many of you have large numbers of butterflies.

It's some thing I aspire to so hopefully by continuing to up the habitat and food plants I can make a small difference.



gardenning granny

Good to see that photo Mark - perhaps there's still hope for my white buddleija!


gg, re your white buddleia. Bees do have colour preferences, something to do with wave lengths of colour. Don't ask, I'm no scientist

I had a row of thymes all in flower. The dark purple was covered in bees, the light mauve had a few and the white was bare.


Yes.....that is noticeable on the Valerian too...........definitely a preference for the red and pink over the white altho all 3 colours close together.