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Jim Macd
Lindsay4 wrote (see)

Fantastic pond photos everyone. Mine is possibly the tiniest one shared here, as I created it a few weeks ago using a washing up bowl! It's given a great feature to the garden despite its tiny size and the Hoverflies and Wolf spiders have been very attracted to it.

Here's how it started...


 And this is how it looked after planting and adding more stones etc....


 I've since added more plants and larger rocks into the surrounding area, so it looks much more natural and sits well within the rest of the garden.

A very handsome pond and one I'm sure the wildlife will love. I'm sure you'll find frogs hibernating under those stones in the winter. I had 5 under one like those one year. I was horrified I'd lifted off the rock and quickly and carefully put it back. My pond was no more than a square meter.

This is my pond, just had to replenish the fish as a heron got my others, hence the net. I am wanting to build a bridge across it big enough for my 3 chickens to be able  to use. Has anyone got any ideas of how to cheaply build one, thanks 

Victoria Sponge

That's lovely redlandsrodge, what's that tall blue plant?


I love the first pond photo and love all the other ponds in the photos.  There is something so tranquil about any area of water large or tiny.  They're brilliant.  I don't have one but I acquired a couple of half barrels last year which someone wanted rid off but didn't have time to do anything but pile old slates in them as we had a new roof put on.  Last week I decided to start removing the piles of slates and discovered that both half barrels are absolutely watertight and were full to the brim with water.  Very smelly too with every nasty looking slimey creature in them.  Will have to tip it out and contemplate doing something with them.

Your ponds are all lovely.  Fabulous!


I blogged the whole process when I made mine last year, mainly so I had my own record, but I hope it is of help to others too. Have a look


hello, here's


 a photo of my pond ,not exactly a wild life pond iknow but an easy to build quick fix in that area of your garden thats looking a bit down, & the birds just love it.


Right up my street Dave Moore

Hi Victoria Sponge, the blue plant in the foreground is Cornflower.

Victoria Sponge

A normal/ wild cornflower? 

Why don't mine look like that  

It's a stunning blue and seems very tall and upright - mine just flop everywhere...

Cheers for getting back to me, Redlandsrodge 


 3 large damselfly came crawling out today....brilliant!!!

Jack 3

Wow, that's a good photo Wilbur.

I loved looking through all peoples ponds, it's very inspirational, want to get lots of pebbles now, I think they look nice around the edge.

Everyone's ponds are so different but all equally brilliant. I do like the pebbles round mine as the rounded shapes contrast nicely with the spikier plants and the colours stand out against the soil. Mine were a bargain "split bag" from the garden centre for only £2.00!

The red algae is still covering some surface in my pond but the water looks really clear otherwise. Still no frogs or Mayflies visiting, but I have seen some tiny red "wrigglers" in there today! Would be great food for anything that decided to pay a visit. However, I spent an hour watching some wolf spiders on Friday. The larger brown female was sunning herself on the pebbles and was being watched by the smaller, blacker male. He crept nearer very gingerly, stopped and waved his palps at her before lifting his front legs in turn and tapping them very fast - almost like a vibrating effect. In this photo you can see him waving the palps before leg tapping...

 Then he'd creep a few mm nearer to her and start the tapping and waving again. I know that female spiders are rather keen on eating males that don't impress, so I could understand his caution! She moved onto a larger, smoother pebble and he followed her very intently.

Then, quick as a flash, he leapt onto her and they stayed like this, seeming not to move at all.

 I don't know how long they stayed like that as I had to go inside and they'd gone when I returned. It was fascinating to watch though!

Great picture of the Damselfly Wilbur - hope they visit me soon!


Wow, Lindsay, fascinating. Amazing photos. I hope she was impressed and didn't eat him!


This was taken in early spring, no fish lots of wildlife. Maturing well.



Love the cobbles as well....I have old quarry stones round some of my pond, a log pile at the bog bit so they're nice and damp cobbles and grass for things to get in and out and a wee decking bit to stand and stare. I rescued the damselflies as there were so many spiders just waiting to pounce....saw them attacking a pair of maiting crane fly but they escaped .....just.
I hate when I have to go inside...miss so much things happening. Love the spider pics Lindsay!!

I have a trickle waterfall which I run sometimes, but unfortunately the collecting basins are a bit leaky and I'm not sure how to make them watertight without polluting the water?

I love everything about my pond, there's always something interesting happening and always a bitto do clearing the blanket weed which is worse when the sun has warmed up the water. Do you use barley straw or use a special barley "chemical" ? Love exchanging ideas.



I use barley straw extract which is available at most aquatic centres and on the internet - I find it is very effective