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Im making a new wildlife pond this year and for inspiration I wondered if any of you could post photos of your ponds please? It doesnt matter if yours isn't a wildlife pond, any natural(isn) looking pond photos would be great..

So far, I'm greatly inspired by the photo of this amazing looking pond below, which was posted here recently (sorry, can't remember by who) which I simply love. Any photos will be greatly appreciated







...quite a nice small pond but I find it lacks charm... due to the surrounding high fence and messy plants, although that may improve in time.... the fence does detract though for me..... not a patch on Fairygirl's photo of a few days my opinion...

...and I'm afraid that 'Herman Munster' lookalike would just have to go.... sorry..


That pond has its attractions LF but it's not a wildlife pond. More plants and less hard stuff required for that.


LF -  I remember the pond from a previous thread but can't remember who built it. He was giving some assistance to someone else who was planning a pond, and was talking about the lovely paddlestones he'd used. It would be great to see an update this year as I'm sure he'll have put a lot more planting in an  around it.

I'd hoped to put a small pond in here, but I may have just a container style one as I don't think I'll be here very long.  I'll look forward to seeing yours LF. It's a great feature to have, whatever size it is 

I can't take any real credit for the pond at my old house - it had been there for over twenty years. It was so badly neglected that it was in danger of needing total renovation, and a lot of money spent on it, if it had been left much longer, so most of our input was clearance. My entire garden front and back gardens here would have fitted into it! 

I have a very small pond with fountain and gushing aluminium watering can.  Right now not greatest looking or the most natural looking either. 

Would like to start again though but it would still have to  be a formal delabole slate edged one.  A natural pool would look odd in my garden.  



...I like Delabole slate very much... I used to have a clock made out of it...

actually that little pond above is really quite nice, despite my tongue in cheek comments earlier... I wouldn't mind one like that... probably not too difficult to maintain I imagine...


You could always make two Verd - one of each! 

To be honest, in this present garden, a formal, geometric pond would look best, but I'd still like to work a small wildlife one in somewhere, or a bog garden if I can't manage a pond.

This was the second pond at old house. The big pond fed into into it along a little rill - the gravelled area, bottom left of pic - and ran out at the far end via another rill and out onto the grass verge. There were flag Irises and Marsh marigolds, already there and we added a corkscrew rush and a water lily. We had lots of dragonflies, pond skaters and frogs etc in it. It was so overgrown when we moved in that my ex didn't know there was a pond there!













Hi LeadFarmer,

Good luck in your search for pond images and inspiration – I completely get that. I searched for a couple of years before I finally felt brave enough to put my pond liner down last October and can’t wait to get plants in there.

My tip would be to think about how you want your edges to be. My site was a tricky one – it would have been so much easier had I just dug a hole in a flat lawn. Different views from around my pond was what I wanted and reflections became a big part of that. I changed my mind so many times but in the end I found I went back to my original ideas and have only a small wildlife hotel to finish in a retaining 'wall'. Trust your first instincts

Ashleigh 2

I like the way the rocks overlap the edges on this pond, a great way to hide the liner too. (not my pond.)


Thanks so far. Hiding the liner is one of my priorities, as well as making it look natural. But I do love the pond in my first post, I wish I could find which member it belongs to.


Ive found the original thread here, it belongs to dannyson. Would love to see a few more photos if you have any


Here is the photo of our pond only put in last week and got lots of free soil to go around edge of pond as there was a big hole from re doing where our pond was before used a pre formed pond liner to help with shape

long way to go yet with plants and edging and twigs for bugs

Jim Macd

Congratulations Gardengirl you made the 10000'th post in this section. which means I suppose, I made the 10001st



I've quite a way to go!



But we're with you every step of the way Clari  Did the pond get any attention this week, or was it all man-shed?


Ggirl - what are you planning to edge yours with (in all your lovely topsoil)??

still got lots of daff to plant around the pond, not quite sure some grasses maybe some stones and frog house,  clay soil around the pond not sure what works well in that soil