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I was a bit disappointed that one of my bird boxes hadn't been taken as a residence by the usual Blue Tits this year, but discovered yesterday that a small colony of wild bees are using it instead!  Given the low number of bees I'm seeing this year, I'm as happy as can bee (sorry 'bout the pun!)

The Swedes was up in arms other this and claimed this would be the death knell to the bumble bee population in Sk??ne. Hopefully that was just scaremongery. I do hope it will work. They are such sweet little insects.

Its a sign of summer coming when you see the first bee i love to encourage them in my garden



Just thought that l would tell you about the bees that l have in my garden. There are l think three different kinds there is a large one with a orange bottom and a slightly larger one with a white bottom and a really small one with a white bottom.

Glad to read there are  persons out in this world that are trying to increase the bee population the are soo important  


I saw five different kinds of bumble bee in my garden today, is so lovely to see them. They seem to adore the heucheras and alliums. Have any of you used bee houses for them? 

I am going to give them a try this year. Has anyone see a light coloured bumble bee. I have read that there is one

I have two bee houses but haven't got round to putting them up yet. To be honest there are masses of places for insects to live in my garden but I suppose if you have little houses it's fun to see if they are taken up. 

I think there are two types which visit my garden, one with an orange stripe on it's bottom and another with the stripe round it's middle, that one may have two stripes, I'll need to take more notice next time.


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