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Hi I have a little project. I have  a raised area of soil from a dug out pond. The soil is sitting next to the pond and I want to plant good all year round colour wild plants that will be perennial. anyone got the best suggestions that won't break the budget. Also need colour from the start so looking to put in plants rather than seed or bulbs. 




Starting off with a few cowslips and wild primroses will give you something pretty to look at for the next few weeks whilst the rest gets going - and they will be there for next spring too.


I used excess soil to create a bog garden around my pond, I just used spare pond liner and pierced a few holes in it. Ive got ragged robin, snakes head fratillary, water avens and much more around the pond. Bog gardens are beneficial to much of our wildlife, might be worth considering if not then I would totally recommend echinaceas (coneflowers) or better still grab a wildlife gardening book and flick through it for inspiration! I am hoping my wildlife patch on my allotment will be a success this year (once the weather permits me to finish it)

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