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 Hi everyone, Above is the wildflower plant that grows in my front garden every year haven't a clue what it is but the Ladybirds just love them and breed on them every year.  Don't go buying Ladybirds or their lava just get some of these.  Hope these pictures are better than the one's I downloaded last night.  One of my lava hatched this morning and it is a Harlequin ladybird the first one I have had this year. Can anyone tell me what this wildflower is please x


  leaves are too small for comfey which i have in my garden but I also have yours in photo above in my garden.. its Borage...bees love it..

Jim Macd

 It's lamiacae probably Lamium purpureum, which species exactly I'm not sure the colour is right but not the shape of the leaf, could be a hybrid or non-native, but it's definitely in that family. The ladybirds will be after the greenfly rather than the plant.


It is comfrey....The comfrey...Symphitum officinale. 

There are many varieties. Some with huge leaves that grow quite tall, some with white flowers, blue flowers, pink flowers, pink and blue flowers on same plant even purple ones. Comfrey comes in many guises.

Will check my customers patch on Wednesday Ragdoll and see whether any on there or if yours just have a special flavour lol.



Not a comphrey for sure, that's boraginaceae. This has got to be Lamiaceae


try Melittis melissophyllum, bastard balm


 Ur right Jim/nutcutlet just took a better look at the flowers and leaf formation. 

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