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Hello all.  This plant/flower has started to appear.  A friend said it is hemlock as earlier in summer it had white flowers on it, but I dont think it is that.  But now I am curious as to what it is.

Any help would be most apreciated.




Sorry think posted in wrong thread....

there are several flowers that produce seedheads like this. It all depends on the size of the seeds. I think it's probably hogweed.

Thanks, after a lot of googling hogweed never came up but looks just like the seeds

Thanks for your help

If the plant' s total height is about 70 to 180 cms then it is, if it's more like 2 to 5 metres tall it's giant hogweed and not nice at all. Giant hogwed has all sorts of restrictions on its cultivation and movement and gives your skin a nasty burn too.


Yes 70 -180 seems to fit the description also.


are there still any leaves left Jdk. Hemlock has lacier leaves than hogweed or giant hogweed. It also has a distinctive spotted stem. Overall it's a much 'lighter' looking plant than the hogweeds. How far across the top are those seed heads?

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