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I`m planning on digging (well hubby`s doing the digging ) out a small and I mean small wildlife pond in my garden and was wondering if I need to put any plants in and if so what sort or type.


Botumus umbellatus
Veronica beccabunga
Water forget me not

Check our puddleplants for info

Puddleplants website shows which plants are native to this country so you can pick things that aren't going to cause havoc in your neck of the woods.

I've also had good service from waterside nursery
These are usually bigger plants that are of flowering size, whereas puddleplants are plugs that will grow and bulk up through summer so are cheaper.
Native; they only way to go

Remember to add plenty of associated planting round the edges and nearby as well - it's vital for emerging frogs and small creatures to have cover close by  

An oxygenator is needed - there are several readily available, and a few marginals on the shallower parts, including a vertical is all you'll need if it's a very small pond. Choose appropriate plants - many are designed for larger areas and will take over. 

My pond here is tiny - around 1 metre by half a metre, but it has a sloping beach for access and a couple of vertical plants as well as several others at the edges, including a white Caltha (marsh marigold) a spiral rush and some chrysographes irises,  leading into taller cover. I also have a tiny water lily in the deepest part.  It's been well used in the 18 months it's been there


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