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Hi all,

Almost done on the pond now. Here's some new pics...



If I was a frog I'd be moving in Justin



Brilliant Justin. You've worked really hard on that. Hope you get time to enjoy it.

The liner's well disguised with planting  now 



That's looking great - stand well back - it'll soon be colonised with all sorts of mini-beasts - ours is teeming with life 

Is it too late to get frogspawn for the pond? I've made a pond on the plot by sinking an old fibre glass bath into the soil and putting in half a dozen aquatic plants., min'e I'm worried the sides are too steep for frogs.

Your pond looks great Justin. Mine looks a bit oblong.


Bruce - a bath will be much too steep sided for frogs - it will also be a death-trap to hedgehogs and other small mammals.  You need to find a way of making a shallow sloping 'beach' at one end. 


Your pond looks great, Justin.  Would like to make a pond in my garden for my frog friends but can just imaging our batty dog thinking its for her to paddle in.  Probs have to leave that project for a few years.


That really is special, enjoy.


It looks lovely, stunning .  Lot of hard work gone into it I should imagine.


Stick a helpful aid  up showing other people how to make one

Dovefromabove - I never thought about that. I think I'll drain it and remove the old bath and liner , then maybe dig it out more or fill it in. 

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