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If Fairygirl's suggestion is too much Justin, I'd get some large stones and lay them over the edge of the liner so that they hang over the pond a bit as well. That way the liner will be in shadow most of the time and they will detract from the liner. You could maybe put some plants on the edge behind the stones so that they soften the stones a bit.

When you think about it, your pond liner is going to be exposed in Summer whether the pond is level or not, as the water level goes down and laying stones around the edge of the pond will help to hide the liner.

The pond liner with pockets suggested by Dove is also a good idea, but you would still be better with stones holding everything in place.

Thanks for the advice guys.

Sent to my local GC and picked up some nice plants which will cover the edges, I bought red clover and some creeping Jenny. I've also got some water forget me nit's on the way.

I'd rather not have to adjust the liner but I have got some larger rocks and some more pebbles on the way to make a second 'beach' near the log pile. I've fixed the hole in the liner now as well so I can fill the pond some more.

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