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I am new to all this so would be grateful of any advice that anyone could give me,I have a small pond which has suddenly started showing signs of a rust coloured deposit on the rocks and plants,does anybody have any Ideas on how I could treat this problem,thanks,Ian


Something falling into the water would be my guess. I have some interesting shades on and in the water through the seasons. The catkins of the black poplar stain the water n the rain gauge a rusty colour. Must be lots of other plants that do a similar thing.  


Sorry, how rude of me. Hello Ian. welcome 

Thanks for that nutcutlet ill keep that in mind,having looked at pics of poplars,cant say weve got any around here unless something has blown in with the hurricanes that weve had lately haha


That was only an example Ian. Lots of plants will do it. 



sorry,i have been scooping out bits of plants perhaps they have all contributed 


You soon get a fine silt of anything spread over everything in a pond. Lovely thing to have though. Wouldn't be without it


I think it's just algae.  I think it will disappear when the pond is more in balance.

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