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Yesterday at 20:11

Watercress - that sounds like a good idea. Also good cover for pond life? Do I just buy it from the supermarket? 

Yesterday at 20:14

Yup - just chuck a handful or two in, Fishy!  

Yesterday at 20:19

Fishy......yes..........but as it is getting later in the year I don't know how well it will root. As yours is a new pond I don't expect you have a blanket weed problem at the moment.

Buy some in April May ( when it appears in the shops ) and your Pond temp is on the rise and just throw it in.

Yesterday at 20:20

But PS.......see what FG says (posts crossed )

Yesterday at 20:48

I was joking about buying it from the supermarket  So you really do then,shall I throw some spring onions in too? 

Yesterday at 21:40

Only if you want a stir fry Fishy! 

Philippa's right - probably don't need it till spring, but if it's mild enough now it'll grow - sometimes hangs about quite happily all winter 

Yesterday at 23:28

 Fairygirl - I laughed out loud at that.

That's amazing there's a pond plant at the local co-op all this time but I just haven't seen it. I'll buy some tomorrow if its in stock 

I couldn't see the frog in the pond today until I looked in the grass at the edge and there he was,incredible camouflage.

Today at 00:57

Philippa/fairygirl, My pond is the same as fishys, very new, we did them together, well, at the same time,   did you see my pics on the previous page? Will water cress help that now. I didnt think I would have problems so soon!

Today at 06:28

Dont have a pond. Yet, still working on hubby. I do have a half barrel with a few plants in which the birds love and, lord knows how, the frogs enjoy.  We do get blanket weed so Ill try the watercress thing in there but I thought watercress needed flowing water.

Today at 07:38

I've used it in all the ponds I've had Yvie. At my last house we had one big pond which fed into a smaller, badly neglected one. After removing all the jungle of rosebay from it, a handful of watercress cleared the blanketweed.They were fed by a natural spring. At the previous house, near where I live now, I had a pond about the same size with standing water. Watercress cleared it within a month or so. It can seed around but it's easy to pull out.

This is the only pic I have of the 'tidied' pond. You can see the white flowers  of the cress at the left hand side. It was very shallow too, so it heated up at the edges very quickly



I'd stick a  handful in Lyn - nothing to lose! 

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