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Guernsey Donkey asked to see pics of my pond(s), she would probably like to see other wildlife ponds as well so bring them on.


now, looking a bit tired and bedraggled

the other one


Your ponds are fabulous, Nut.  Are they natural or have you lined them?


Thanks Liri They're just holes in the ground. Old gravel diggings from the horse and cart days. water level is ground water, up to the top in the rainy season, very low indeed by the end of a dry summer (not this one). 

It makes planting difficult, only the toughies can cope. Iris pseudocorus, typha, reeds, marsh marigold. Comfreys and willowherbs on the banks.

Very wildlife full, newts, dragonflies etc.

Yes, they are stunning ponds nutcutlet - they look very natural and I am not surprised that they attract so much wildlife - does the water move with perhaps a natural stream or pumped water, and is there a filter?  I think I remember reading on here that filters are not a good idea for wildlife - is that true?


I would like to see other members ponds if they have pictures to share as we are just beginning to piece together some designs for a proposed pond in our garden - getting my OH to agree to us having a pond has been the biggest hurdle up to now!


no filter, nothing except a hole full of water, or less than full by the end of summer, no real flow but when it's full and the wind blows it looks like a river. water does run out of the end when it's full so a bit of flow then. I don't think filters and wildlife ponds go together.

I couldn't find the thread I was looking for, there were some great ponds on it. Maybe someone else can find it

That's interesting and thank you for taking the time to help find the pond thread.  With a bit of luck other members will add to this thread.  I am not sure how to contact the Forum organizers, but it is a bit of a nuisance that I can no longer search back for past topics. Thanks again.


From natural to ornamental. I have a rectangular deep pond with no sides or shelving to help wildlife gain access. This is how I'm trying to balance the two; it is alive with frogs and birds stand on the pebbles to wash so must be working.


nice frogs looks good

All your ponds are lovely, thanks for sharing and I love the frogs and the frog sign hh. At present I have a small pre-formed pond, which is lovely but we have the space to do more interesting things.  I just skimmed the top of the water to remove some of the surface weed with our fishing net and "caught" a baby newt.  Delighted (me not the newt)! We were given half a dozen adults about 3 years ago, so I am pleased to see the next generation are growing.


Thanks for the pond thread Dove, I am sure it would be great but would you believe I can't even open that now either.  It appears that anything past current items are out of bounds for me - odd.

My VERY small pond. No frogs/newts - probably just as well as you can see what the cat did to the humming bird! Lots of insects though.

Not at it's best but frogs, newts, Dragon and Damselflies, Beetles, Skaters, and all the rest.  The pond is raised  some 10 inches above ground level with gravel paths/wild planting on 3 sides.  The hedgehogs use the paths regularly ( with no fatalities) and the birds are able to use the planting for drinks, insect foraging, etc. There are no ramps - just sufficient planting remaining all year round to enable people to get in and out quite easily.  I'd not say it is a design I would choose but as I inherited it, I've worked with it. It seems to satisfy the inhabitants/users and so satisfies me too  




Camelia and Holly tree down in the summer pic.

The helpful herpetologist says:

Epic ponds Nutcutlet!! If only I had the space for ponds like that...

See original post
space we have hh
we chose space over functional house when we came here. Rotten cedar shingled roof leaked like a sieve, buckets everywhere. Rats and mice in the roof, bees and honeycomb round 2 dormer windows, dead and dying bees all over. Non functioning septic tank, leaking plumbing, windows falling out, no heating, no insulation, just cedar cladding and a layer of soft board, heaps of dumped rubbish but TWO ACRES, easy choice