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This is a Privet Hawkmoth I found dead last year on the door of my shed.I completely forgot I had placed it in this container for future reference.I don't have any Privet in my garden but I do have Lilac and Ash which they like too.The Privet Hawkmoth is the largest resident moth in the UK,a real B52 of a moth.




Just as well you found it before you packed your picnic.

That is one dead moth.


Somewhere in the depths of the PC there's a photo of a Privet Hawkmoth pupa emerging from the ground and opening up. I'll see if I can find it later on depending sobriety level

Jim Macd

That's a great looking moth. I have lots of privet. Native and Asian but I've not had one of those yet. Fingers crossed.


I didn't know I had them Jim until I found this one.Though this spring I did find a huge pupa while weeding and put it straight back.Its possible you have got some and not know it,have you got Lilac or Ash?


Jim Macd

Over hanging from next door and hiding in the privet hedge made up of native and Asian privet. Fingers crossed. 

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