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Lavender Lady

I have many roses in my garden and most of them are the old roses which have lots of tight petals which the bees cannot get to.  My question is, when the rose has finished flowering and all the petals are falling can the bees then get to the pollen or does it also die with the rose.  I normally deadhead my roses immediately but if I thought it would help the bees I will leave them for a while

Any help appreciated


Those tight packed blooms of roses or any other plant are not good for bees. There's nothing there for them

Lavender Lady

What I want to know is when the petals fall from these tight blooms can the bees then get to the pollen.


I think that by then the pollen is of little use to them - don't know that for sure tho, maybe there's a beekeeper on here.


Lavender Lady

Yes you are right, I mean nectar don't I.  Yes you are right we need a bee keeper to answer.  I might repost. 

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