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can anyone advise me what plants rabbits do not eat ?


As regards edibles-virtually nothing that has a green leaf-in fact I doubt there is little in the garden that they wont touch

Sorry-not much help


I read that they don't eat hellebores. But something has eaten them


Hi Heide

I have problems deer rather than rabbits, and have found the hayloft plants website really useful.  If you type "rabbit" in the search box it will come up with a list of all the plants that they mention are "rabbit resistant".  As I said, my problem is deer, and their recommendations have all been left unmunched by the bambis !


I don't think there is a plant that rabbits do not like, maybe something poisonous might stand a chance. Or perhaps a sacraficial crop of something in order to divert them. Pepper dust might work or attract a fox to your garden. sorry not much help really I believe Lavender is supposed to be good but I know a woman who tried it and they ate it. She lives next door to a golf course in Blarney and still the rabbits go for her garden.  How about something spikey, might just put them off if there is a more attractive alternative.



Air rifle pretty efficient if you don't like noise.

Don't forget the guy who couldn't kill a captive magpie at 2 feet!

Daffodils and lavender I think are fairly rabbit resistant as are geraniums. Rosemary, helichrysum ..curry plant....and other "herbs" too
flowering rose

if you take a walk  by a warren where Rabbits abide you will see what they don't like,which is not much.

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