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Secret Squirrel


Can you buy red and white clover seeds? I know I can leave a patch on the lawn, but I would like to have two big pots full, so I can watch the bumblebees


Chiltern seeds stock red and white clover seeds. Search under clover   or  trifolium

Jim Macd

I would advise you to not buy from Chiltern Seeds, unless you don't mind spending way to much for 15 seeds. For the same money you'll get a grams of seeds and they'll be British origin native from Emorsgate Seeds.


Thanks, Jim, i was thinking of planting some for the bees. I bought some bare rooted trifolium, doesnt look like clover, but very ptretty, i am hoping it survives the winter and spreads.



Chiltern Seeds were my first seed suppliers but they've upped their prices and downed their seed numbers in recent years.

Jim Macd

 You’re welcome, seems odd buying clover when it's so common but it's getting it grow where you want it to. I had to reseed part of my lawn a couple of years ago but it still isn't species rich. I've introduced daisies, and birds foot t., I don't even have buttercups in the part of the lawn, if only I didn't have them on the rest of the garden. I have a double one that has spread over every part of the garden except the part of the lawn I reseeded. It’s so frustrating have a pernicious weed that doesn’t even provide pollen.

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