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Hi Guys, Got a nice problem, i have a Robins nest in my tool shed, moved the main tools out so as not to disturb the young chicks, or as i call them  "yunks", the thing is once they have fledged will the Robins use the nest again for a second or even a third clutch? or can i remove the nest legally once the first clutch has fledged, if there is a chance they will use it again i will leave it alone and move all the stuff out the shed, it will cause some minor problems, but it is so worth it to see the parent birds flying around feeding the young uns 


If the robin has made a nest in the shed, you can go in and out as much as you like, they won't mind.

I have swallows in the shed every year and they tolerate my going in and out. And they raise multiple broods. advice would be to leave well alone until the end of nesting season and then you will be on safe side as will your Robins.

If your shed is an appealing home ( and it would seem so ), maybe in future years, arrange your stuff so you can both use it.............altho I guess that COULD mean buying a new know, like "his" and "hers" bathrooms

All power to your elbow if you are prepared to put them first

Welsh Onion is right........they are ideal garden companions and you can usually co habit happily


Thanks for the quick replies guys, guess i just leave it where it is then, they do seem how shall i put it... tolerant of us going about our daily business in-fact they seem positively curious about what we are up to. We have three sheds in the garden already Philippa don't want any more, just means we will move the stuff we are going to use a lot into another shed, as long as it's not my fishing shed  , looking forwards, another problem i see arising is when they fledge they might not be able to get out the shed as the parent birds are getting in and out via a small gap in a perspex window which is about 5ft off the ground, my plan was to keep an eye out for them fledging and leave the door slightly ajar for a few days, or maybe i'm just panicking like a new dad...



Sounds like they're counting on your co-operation with the door Percy - it'd be asking a lot of the fledglings to get out of there - but they've obviously chosen a spot that's protected from marauding cats 

flowering rose

enjoy there company ,one day they will help eat those pests.


Must admit they are a joy to have in the garden, i know they can manage just fine without my help but i am putting out some mealworm now and again, more just to give the parents a wee break from foraging, plus i have fledging blackbirds in the garden so it helps them out too...


Update on the robins, they have fledged and are fluttering about in my shed and leaving deposits all over the place for me to clean up after they have gone, they seem happy and safe at the moment, wedged the shed door open a little so they can get in and out if they please, not got any cat issues in my garden that i know of, haven't seen one in months around here, still not sure i'm doing the right thing by leaving door open though, judging by the way they were fluttering around the shed i reckon they have the flying skills to get out the space in the window, there is a lot of canes n stuff leaning against the window for them to perch on, what do you's guys think ? i'm thinking leave door shut for protection as they are safe in there, and they will find their way out the window when they are ready.... are giving the Robins every be honest, I don't think birds will nest happily in a space if they don't think it is right......and the ability for the fledglings to access the outside world will figure in this.  Provided you don't suddenly change what you are doing, the birds should be happy with it.

It is a bit like a soap opera (only far more interesting )........I for one will be happy to hear when your Robins are fully fledged and that you are satisfied that they are ok


They are causing me concern and worry now that they are up and about, can see the shed from the side window of the house, and parent birds going in and out, your right it is better than watching television can spend ages watching the comings and goings of the Robins.  I'm going to close shed door just to be on the safe side, i'm almost positive they will manage to get out the window when the time is right..


 Robins all gone, went into the shed to check when i got home from work no sign of them, quick search around garden no sign either, will look tomorrow when i have more time, have area of wild land with trees and bushes next to garden my best guess is they are around there if they are not in the garden, sure hope they are all right would love to spot them just to give me peace of mind..

PG.............hope you manage to spot the youngsters ............good luck

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