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Do robins have different feeding habits from the other small garden birds like blue tits etc?  I have tried everything but the robins don't seem to be able to feed from the fat balls on spirals very easily, nor are they eating the loose seeds in the hangers.  I even bought a M&S apple hanger and that has remained untouched too.  I watch my resident robin frequently flying up to the fat balls and hovering clumsily but not really feeding for any length of time.  The tits love them and the loose seeds too but I cant think what to put out for the robins ?


Yes, Robins are essentially ground feeders, so hanging feeders do pose a bit of a problem for them. They do better when fed from bird tables or those poles which have a mesh tray as well as  hanging arms. I just sprinkle some loose seed and meal worms on the Table/Tray and that seems to work, or use suet blocks. You can also sprinkle them directly on the ground around the feeders, but use none sprouting seed mix other wise you end up growing a field of corn and other cereals.  Blackbirds also feed from the ground as well as Wrens.  Sparrows will feed from any where. Happy Bird watching.


My daughter has climbing rose Mermaid on her back garden wall - she fixes fat blocks with mealworms in them to the rose stems and the robins access them like that - they're getting really tame. 


Thank you I have resurrected an old wooden bird table that had disappeared into the laurel hedge Elizabeth.  It's more rickety than rustic but it will do until I can find a replacement over the next couple of weeks ....and I can also incorporate the fat blocks in the rose bush idea Dove because I have a climber in the same area beside my hanging feeders - so hopefully next time I sit and watch the little treasures hopping around playing and feeding I can do so without feeling guilty about my little robin.

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