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Oakley Witch

Well, if we dont have the bumbbles....we dont have food. Your welcome. I forwarded the link to freinds too 


Nutcutlet, Pam, Bunny   


I friended Avaaz on my Facebook and get an email every now and then. You can chose to have no further communications or for me, I ticked the box on environmental issues (and a few others) so only get notified of relevant campaigns. It's so easy just giving your email address (not passed on). Just enough to let people know you care and that they are accountable.

I'm not a placard swinging type but the vast majority of people would never behave like this and those that do need to know they can't solve a problem by creating another. Thanks folks
Avaaz is still trying. People can still sign to save the bees!!!!

in 48 hours the European Union could move to ban the most poisonous pesticides, and pave the way to a global ban that would save bees from extinction.

Avaaz and leading MEPs will deliver our message ahead of this week's key meeting in Brussels:

It's thanks to your original post, Irene, that I first heard about this. Like you, I'm not a placard swinging type but it's good to know that I can make my views felt as one little voice among many.

Gary Hobson
Irene Mac wrote (see)
.... the vast majority of people would never behave like this ...

Sadly that isn't true.

There are over 60 threads on this forum where gardeners say they use, or are advising other gardeners to use Provado, which contains these chemicals. This is a small selection...


The number of poisons on the shelves in the GCs make it clear how much is used. This is just one of them.


Gary, that is really sad - all we can do is let people know. I had not heard of neo-nicotinoids before this thread was started last April

Glad someone is on the ball Lyon. The way to stop this is through education. I guess Gardeners world can only say so much for fear of a law suit. That's why I admire these folks at Avaaz. It's solely a matter of what's right and fair.

You're right Lyon, but if it were clear that "in saving your precious viburnum you will be killing our endangered bees" I'm sure it would make a difference. Psychologically - people will know they are guilty and part of the problem rather than just blaming a faceless company.
I can see why it's easier to stop the supply rather than get people to act responsibly.

great thread,....anything to help the bee's!!



I went to our GC today and they seemed to have no insecticides at all except for one pyrethrin based flying insect killer. But no signs up saying they'd withdrawn anything

hollie hock

I've also signed up. I too didn't know anything about these chemicals before

 I'll send the link on to interested friends

hi all, thanks for this, i have just signed the petition.

Brilliant. Avaas have had many successes. Here's hoping with our help they'll be successful this time too!

This petition is doing the rounds in France too. I signed it last year. Never heard of Provado, but then I don't use insect sprays except liquid soap for aphids.