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Good news about the two year ban on these insecticides.

Cloggerhead unkindly accused me of lying about MY missives (specific to my property, Scot's Law) which forbid me from keeping bees, Chickens etc. My, and my neighbours plots were all sold with these conditions attached. The neighbour who sold the plots does not like the chickens and bees that stay opposite him. Sad but true.


Best to ignore unfounded accusations Irene. You'll never change a fixed idea.

2 years is very good news, don't know if it's long enough to see if there's bee recovery. What do you think?

Hi Folks,

I'm new to this forum ... and was interested to read this thread.

I'm a beekeeper, and was delighted to see that the neonictinoides should now be banned (despite the UK vote against).  A two year moratorium will be helpful ... but I have heard that the pesticide could remain in the soil for a long time ... so it may be difficult to really judge the effects. 

The bees have had a hard time of it lately. The poor summer has meant that many queens were not properly mated ... and the long winter / cold spring have also contributed to winter losses.

What we really need now is a warm settled spell to allow those hives which have survived to begin to get going.

Final point ... can I put in a plea for dandelions? A useful early pollen source for honey bees ... and a pretty, sunny flower too!


I've got a good supply of dandelions Bee witched. Lots of bees as well but not honey bees so far this year


Thanks nutcutlet.

These big companies are difficult to tie down and not above falsifying data. I note that Merck and Pfizer have just been find for that. Thank goodness there are others on the case to help the bees. We just need to help give them a voice.

Any other plants we should look to for early feeding Bee witched?



Irene- we have the same conditions here about keeping chickens 

Last house also had conditions about what could be built on the wilder area we had- (nothing bigger than a greenhouse) and it was rural with only one house across the road. We did have the water supply coming through there -a spring and an overflow tank for the well- so maybe that was the reason.

Hi Irene,

Snowdrops, winter aconites and anemone blanda and are good early pollen sources (and all lovely plants) ... and the willow and hazel catkins are great. Spring flowering heathers will be covered in honeybees on a warm srping day.

I have a really great book ... 'The Bee Friendly Garden' by Ted Hooper & Mike Taylor which I'm always dipping into. 

Our bees here had a great day yesterday in the sunshine ... long may it last!



i am also very happy that a ban has been put in place.. i am very keen to have plants in my garden for bees.. and have got rather a lot of plants in now.. there is nothing better than being in the garden and hearing the buzz of nature doing its thing.. it is magical!

i might well get the book bee witched.. will be very useful.

and my garden was full of them yesterday.. on my native helebores and my ornamental comfrey and primulas and lungwort.

without them we would not have our beautiful gardens.

Hi gardening fanatic,

It's a lovely book ... one of my favourites (and I've got a few!! ... family often buy me gardening / bee books as gifts ... not that I'm complaining .)

Just been outside and the bees are enjoying the muscari ... also looks like the doronicum will all be out soon. Both are good for nectar and pollen.

Sad thing is that in a few weeks they will forsake the garden and head for the oilseed rape fields. They absolutely love it. Normally I don't mind, but there's a good chance it will have been grown with seed dressed with neonicotinoides.

Will be holding my breath that they are not too badly affected .....


bee witched.. it is great to get books for gifts..i got 2 at xmas one about taking cuttings from plants by carol klein.. and one about when to prune your plants.. both very good..

i know it is shame.. i would grow rape seed in my garden corner for them.. but it plays havoc with my hayfever.. and i try not to make it worse.. as i cant get outside when really bad at all.

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