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Just clocked this vote where the shareholders can stop the export of these nasties. (its widely banned but it doesn't stop them making it) I don't normally post but if we don't care about the bees when we know how important they are, how can we expect any body else to. Please have a twenty second read at this. Caring is sharing.
gardeners delight

thanks for posting this. i've signed this and passed it on. x

Thank you. I was so cross when I read about this this morning. X
ceris hughes

It's criminal!! Power & money has obviously corrupted basic ethics.  I was always told as a youngster that if all the  bees died the planet could not survive. Anyone else got some words of wisdom to pass on and make more people aware please post them



I have also signed it.

Thank you. Nearly 900,000 on the petition so far. It's heartening to watch people from all over the world taking time to be counted as caring. Great that these folks are flagging up the opportunity to be heard and make a diffence.
You'll no doubt see that the shareholders did not vote to stop the manufacture of the chemical. However, the petition is still there and is still open for signatures and will be delivered to the supervisory board of the company and hopefully lead to a change in legislation. Nothing to do with party politics, It sadly takes something to shake people to make the right decision. Unfortunately the poor wee bees haven't a voice so someone has to tell the big B's what's happening. Keep flagging it up to friends and hopefully the weight of the petition will make someone listen.

Avaaz and 38Degrees have acheived unthinable successes by highlighting big business & political agendas which ride rough-sgod over the week and defenceless to ordinary people and giving us a chance to make our voices heard.

Let's hope that they can do the same for the bees and shame Bayer and their shareholders into behaving responsibly towards the planet.

There's always hope!


A wise 12-year-old once said to me, 'If you don't say anything, they'll think you don't mind.'

Had never heard of Avaaz before, I have now.

Yay. The more that sign the further AVAAZ can take this.
Shrinking Violet

If anyone missed Countryfile this evening, there was a whole section given to the problems facing bee populations etc.  (You can probably catch it on iPlayer).

What I found surprising was the fact that the seeds of Oil Seed Rape were coated with systemic insecticide, which mean that pollinators were taking up the toxin when they did the job they were supposed to do ie pollinate the flowers to set seed.

What a crazy system!  Will follow the link and add my name to the petition btw.

That is so sad. The old saying "never bite the hand that feeds you" springs to mind. Will have a look on iPlayer. Thank you
Rob Stevens

Signed. Shame no notice was taken of the original petition.


Shame on them indeed

Thank you Dove and Sam. I don't usually go in for this sort of thing but from what I have learnt over the last 10 months I think Avaaz uses the internet in a positive way and tries to tell those who run things that us little people DO mind what is done to our planet and its inhabitants.

Flo x