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flowering rose

I have visitors to my kitchen at night,when everything is quite and dark . they slip out from under the cupboards and climb into the dogs dish in hopes of dog biscuits.They often climb into rubbish bin in  hopes of scrapes,funny enough they avoid my plants.No matter how often I send them to the great rubbish tip for slugs they keep appearing.My plants may be to blame as not all sterile soil.but these little gritters are persistent ,they are not like your common slug,they are a light fawn with spots and I never see them during the day and only in the kitchen,I fear its the dog biscuits not my cooking they are after,even with spraying under cupboards they keep coming back.


Spraying what under the cupboards exactly?

You do want rid of them don't you?


Yesterday I found a slender black slug on the floor, quite a distance from the nearest door to the garden. When I had the render re-done on the front of the house, there were strange pale greenish slugs living underneath the 'blown' render, my builder says that they are attracted by damp mortar. Perhaps, flowering rose you need to check if there is any damp mortar around the base of your kitchen.

flowering rose

good point this old house is rather suffering with the damp,and the spray is a  spray for insects but I don't like  using it and it did nothing  .I suppose I can live with them but prefer if they lived in the garden away from my plants.


An insect spray will do nothing for slugs-I would be more inclined to put down some slug killer -obviously away from where the dog would lick or anything


hollie hock

I've lived in a very damp property and had slugs comng through the gaps in skirting boards, they are vile disgusting creatures, especially indoors.

I would put some slug killer/pellets down, I coped with them on the carpets and just threw them outside but in the kitchen cupboards................


We had this problem and discovered they were living on the damp wallpaper behind a bookcase. They used to come out to eat the cats food and drink their water. Getting rid is not easy.


How about recording the X facter and play that at night surely the wont come back again after hearing that

flowering rose

good idea ,might try that.I was wondering if they were coming from under the boards in the cupboards( the floor is tiled) as the outer wall gets alot of damp and its 12ft under the boards which might be where there coming from,I don't know,its a battle.


If you are going to kill them,make sure the slugs are not the Leopard slugs, they are good for your garden.

Sorry but slugs in the kitchen where food is cooked and stored sounds not only unpleasant but down right unhygienic-if it was a restaurant it would be closed down by a health inspector surely?

Dont care if they all singing and dancing slugs-just get rid of them-ugh

flowering rose

That's it as fast as I get rid of one another appears but since I have been on this page no more have appeared.


Not down with the slugs, especially near food.


Lyn how do you recognize Leopard slugs iv not heard of them and and how are they good for the garden please


flowering rose

They certainly had spots and greenish and they only liked the dog food,since bleaching and spraying(with the wrong thing) they have been very crafty and not appeared,and yes health and safety would of  closed me down,which is rather worth thinking about as going out to dine seems a good choice but of course I would be done by the R.S.P.C A for slugs,



Perhaps the outside of the wall needs re-pointing? That could solve the damp problems, then hire/borrow a de-humidifier to clear the damp from the inner wall surface then the slugs won't have a congenial place to live. Or you may have a gutter or down pipe leaking onto the wall?


SIL found slugs were accessing her kitchen via a poorly fitting back door - the gap under the door was just enough  - as it was a rented house and the landlord didn't want to give her a new door and doorframe, we spread a narrow band of salt along the back door step - no more slugs in the kitchen 

Alina W

They can also come in via the holes left for pipes to go through - some spray expanding foam from the DIY store can solve that problem easily.

flowering rose

Thankyou for your advice,I the house is very damp on that side and it could well be they are sneaking in via open gap somewhere and just might try the salt thing.


Hi Flowering Rose.  We had a slug problem in the kitchen at our old house, they were coming in through a hole next to the washing machine waste pipe.  I used salt, just a line near where I thought they were getting and it did stop them.  Its a little messy tho, they shrivel up and leave a snotty mess but its better than having them slime along the kitchen floor.