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Have just been dog walking on local playing fields (East Dorset) and saw a large number of birds - est. 70 to 100 -  on the ground that were a little too far off to identify with certainty. I think it was thrushes as they were the right size and general colouring and the nearer ones had that quite upright stance that thrushes often display. Some were foraging in the way that blackbirds and thrushes do when worm hunting. I'm guessing redwings or a mixed thrush flock but they were too far away to see the colouring. There was a noticeable paler underwing on the ones that took off. I have never seen that many thrushes in one go so I'm wondering if it could be anything else.


Fieldfares possibly Flo? J.


Yes, could be. They congregate in large flocks too, I believe.

Just looked at RSPB website and from the description, fieldfare is more likely. Big flock, noticeably upright like Mistle thrush. No info on underwing or flank colours there.

More surfing and have found underwing colours. Now 99% sure it was a flock of fieldfares. Well done Jo

Harrogate Birdtables

Well did the rspb birdwatch today and a bit dissapointed not to see some of the birds who normally come to my garden. Possibly the weather I guess... still a reasonable variety of birds if not masses of numbers.

Hello all

I done my RSPB bird watch today and I am sure when ever I do this there is less birds for me to count, the birds seam to be hiding - not as many as I do see normally, nice lot of bird noises when I was sitting out trying to count them, may be bit windy today here for them or they knew I was out there even though keeping still, I think blue tits I saw the most of 4 at once. Did see a Jay and squirrels and even a woodpecker I forgot to take my camera out with me may be another time try and take a photo of them.

What birds did you see the most of?


Harrogate Birdtables

6 Blackbirds 3 male 3 female - Chaffinches 1 Male 1 female - 1 Blue Tit Male - 1 crow - 1 Wood pigeon - 1 Robin Male - 1 Coal Tit Male -  1 Magpie - and one unidentified.

Saw lots of other brids flying through but rules state you only count what is in your garden not what flies through.

No shows from the Great Tits and Bullfinches normally on my patch but heard rumours about agents fees and apperarance money!!


8 blackbirds, mostly male. 1 fieldfare, 23 goldfinches, 7 great tits, 5 bluetits,

7 greenfinches, 9 chaffinches, 1 jay, 1 greater spotted woodpecker, 1 robin, 9 reedbuntings, 1 moorhen


I love watching the birds. I have the feeders in the best places for viewing as well as feeding. We have some good habitat; trees, lots of hedge/ivy/blackthorn shelter, water which didn't all freeze and lots of berries and seeds about the garden.

 I'll forgive the green woodpeckers, wrens and dunnocks for their non-appearance but hope they'll turn up next year.


I did the RSBP bird watch yesterday, and there are far fewer birds than last year. This is also being said on the RSBP forum. I think the birds know its the big count and stay out off the way, the littly devils.


donutsmrs, I got the same impression, either that or the wretched sparrow hawk has been dining off the goldfinches again.


My numbers were fairly well up but the species count was very much down. Not just for the day either. I haven't seen a dunnock, brambling or a coal tit. Very few thrushes and only one robin.


I had 10 species, 9 of which are on the most common list but no more than 3 of anything. Lady Blackcap was no. 1- she's visited several times but no sign of her mate.  Blue tits and great tits are nothing like as abundant as they used to be. House sparrows have turned up recently, goldfinches are daily visitors now but I rarely see a chaffinch now.


House sparrows are another species I never see. Chaffinches, green and gold finches are good. reed buntings as well. 

Caz W

House sparrow population here has started to pick up again but haven't had any greenfinches in the garden for a few years now. Will be interesting to see the results of the birdwatch this year.

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Last year bird watch for South-East of England was for number 1- house sparrows and blue tits second, think it might be different this year - as I have not seen a house sparrow for a while.

Well, I had to have a few muttered words when refilling the feeders. The regulars didn't bother to show up when it counted! I had a paltry list to submit and it was no where near representative of the usual melee.

They stack like planes at Heathrow usually and we get a huge range of wild birds. I am trying not to take it personally (that would be silly) but I suppose it's the same as nurturing children. Love them, feed them and then leave them be .....because you owe them everything and they owe you nothing but the joy of their being happy and free. Hey ho , they are all back again making a din and emptying the feeders.

Oh dear Marinelilium. I think all us counters have had that experience too .  What are your most regular visitors?

Bunny ...
I think we have the house sparrow population here hmmm.
Marinelilium same when I counted, they all hid !!! However all hiding again today from the wind apart from the crow duo and the pheasant tottering back and forth across the field.

Bunny, for the first 22 of my 24 years in this house, I didn't see a single house sparrow. There was a big colony at my workplace and another in a park I use to dog walk. A couple of years ago the odd one started to turn up here and recently I heard a sparrow party going on in a hedge just down the road. Yesterday there were 4 in my potentilla! I notice they seem to be getting the hang of bird-feeders these days.