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Bunny ...
...they've got the hang of partying under our roof tiles !
I am also in east Dorset , like you Flolongtail, so we enjoy lots of visiting birds here. My regulars are:- dun nock, wren, nuthatches, jay, green woodpecker, coal tits, blue tits and long tail tits, robin, blackbird and all the finches. We have a lovely willow warbler that competes with the wren's song and a robin who even sings at night!

Down at Iford Meadows there is a noisy gang of field fares by the River Stour -which also has a kingfisher flashing up and down between Tesco,s and the Bridges. The forest, the harbours, the two rivers and 21 parks make Bournemouth a bird resort all year round.

What a great variety, Marinelilium. I have most of those too though not all regular.
As you say, a great area with a variety of habitats so lots of chances to see the birds

The dunnock is my alarm clock (even at 7am on Sunday morning!) as it taps it's own reflection on the conservatory window for about 5 minutes or more.

I had forgotten there even was a 7 am on Sundays.

So had I
I love dunnocks. They may be small and brown but they have a very interesting social life. I had two pairs nesting last year and read up a bit about them. 


Bunny ...
I like coal tlts (wasn't sure if it would let me type that ) , they always look scruffy I feel for them .

I love saying to people, 'I have great tits in my garden!' I adore the gold finches and the collared doves who sit on the fence appearing to kiss each other and waiting for the smaller birds to drop food on the ground.

Bunny ...
Hee hee when we were living in tourer building house we had a greenfinch that came and just sat on birdhouse feeder getting fatter fatter fatter ...not sure if it ever flew after that.
Goldfinches are lovely always together.

Sure birds are back a bit more today saw a small wren and lots of others, may be because the weather bit better and I was not out bird counting.

Anybody seen more birds out and about yet?


Having had a specific niger seed feeder up for several weeeks, in which only the local squirrels seemed interested, yesterday the bullfinches were spotted on it- grr- & today the goldfinches have arrived!

Now I need more niger seed! Also must get the fruit bushes netted too. J.


Thrilled to have Lady Blackcap visiting daily, still no sign of a mate for her. Today I had a goldcrest visit my feeders, have not seen one for a few years. Jo, I would love to see bullfinches again, have not seen one here for about 20 years. Have seen a robin with nest materials in his/her beak a few times this week.

Borrowed my dad's binoculars today to look at the birds on the feeder saw a greenfinch never seen one before, also saw a great tit and blue tits - lots of them starlings eating the suet feeder, great spotted woodpecker some collared dove's, blackbirds male and female and a robin.

Has anyone been looking what birds our out and about in your garden?

spotted a Blackcap Male and a Goldcrest as well lots of birds, I have never seen before

Are you seeing lots of strange birds in your garden?

Such a delight to see a goldcrest suddenly hop near my feet, while I was waiting for a bus, near Bath.


Caz W
artjak wrote (see)

 I adore the gold finches and the collared doves who sit on the fence appearing to kiss each other

Those collared doves do a lot more than kiss on our fence

Just been looking at a pair of goldfinches in the hedge at the bottom of the garden - was hoping they would hop onto the nyger feeder but no such luck ... so far 

The cold seems to have got the birds back into the garden. I stood about three feet away from the feeder this afternoon as nine long-tailed tits helped themselves.

Wild about Flowers
I've been thrilled to have a little Blackcap staying in my garden all winter.
Poor little thing looks very lonely, but he enjoys the apples and grated cheese
I put out for him twice a day! I think he should have flown to warmer shores in
the Autumn and it's been so very cold here I'm surprised he's survived. I just hope
that in a week or two a little female will come to keep him company! Has anyone
else had the pleasure of seeing one in their garden this winter?
Wild about Flowers
Sorry! I only just noticed that some of you have also had Blackcaps in your
gardens this winter. I had never seen one before, so it was extra special for me
to see this one. The only problem is I also have a resident robin who has been
here all winter too and he is very aggressive towards the Blackcap - I think he
thinks he's stolen his patch!!! The male blackbird (a particular favourite ,who
has brought his mate to nest in my garden two years running) is very tolerant
towards the Blackcap and even allows him to eat from the same halved apple!
I have to admit that I spend quite a lot of time watching the birds in my garden
(mostly when I'm doing my's a wonder it doesn't all end up singed!