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Hi, can anyone advise me on good tree for a small garden that will attract birds?


I think the ones that birds love the most are the ones that have berries in the autumn that they can munch on.


Hawthorn, Rowan (mountain ash), crab apple.

Thanks I have been offered a rowan tree but thought they might be too big for a small garden?
Amelanchier and Whitebeam

PamLL x



Rowans have a straight upright shape and can be trimmed when they reach a height you don't want them to go beyond. Cotonoeasters can be grown into a tree like shape with pruning.  

Jean Genie

I have an Amelanchier. We have bullfinches in it every Spring.

Woodgreen wonderboy

My crabapple...malus everest... is covered in fruit and blackbirds in autumn/winter, up to 5 or 6 birds feeding at a time. Fantastic spring blossom.

flowering rose

Hawthorn or sloe very much liked by birds as a food source and shelter.

We have a rowan in the front - it is very compact, growing in a flower border. We also plan to get some cordon apple trees to train. They will take up very little space, and good for the bees. I will probably be fighting the birds for the apples!

Jean Genie wrote (see)

I have an Amelanchier. We have bullfinches in it every Spring.

One of my favourites. The sorbus/rowans are great too.

Some great ideas for trees.  Thanks very much for the advice guys

We have a white rowan & the birds love the berries, only fault with it is when the flowers appear the tree smell like cat urine - quite nasty. I don't know if the red Rowans are the same.  I also encourage the birds to the tree by hanging a fatball  holder, which they love. 



One thing to add about rowans (Sorbus) Bart is that there are two types - Mountain ash is the one you want not Whitebeam. It's a different - and beautiful - tree altogether. SIlvery green foliage and a lovely tulipy shape but not the autumn berries that the ash gives you.

The red ones don't Lolomac. I think hawthorn and pyracantha smell like that too but they're great plants to have on boundaries and also for wildlife so I don't mind!

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