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Today I have discovered what I think are snails eggs in the soil around my chrysanthemum (the only one as yet unaffected by insect activity).

If I leave these to hatch will the snail-babies pose a threat to my plants? If so how do I play Herod to these innocents?

Things that are creamy coloured and in a little cluster underground? Blackbirds love them. Just put them in a little heap on the birdtable along with the bird seed.

flowering rose

feed them to your fish if you have a pond.


Unless of course they are slow release fertiliser pellets in the compost.

Snail and slug eggs are usually translucent rather than cream or green or even blue like the fertiliser.


I used to feed my fish but thats gone now so I squish them.. but reading about bir table.. now thats something i did`nt think off to the table next time..


Alina W

As Berghill suggested, if you bought this plant in a pot it's probably slow-release fertilizer, especially if the spheres are singles, not in a cluster.

If they are slugs - yes, they'll munch away at your plants, whatever the size.

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