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OH spotted these enjoying the sunshine late this afternoon.  They scarpered towards a big compost heap but he had time to take a couple of pics.

Anyone know what they are?  About 3' long - 90cms to you younger folk.  We're in the Vendée so not just a choice between grass snakes and adders.   Not worried about us but we do have 2 dogs and 2 young cats nearing a year old.



No expert Obelixx but I did a Google search and it looks like a Western Whip snake. Not dangerous to humans but might attack the cats as they're said to be aggressive.


Oh crikey!   Rasta doggy and Minstrel pussy do spend quite a lot of time patrolling around there.   I hope this mating business is over soon and everyone can be peaceful again.   

Hi Obelixx, yes it is the Western Whip snake or Couleuvre as it is known in France. We have them down here and they are not venomous. They can seem quite intimidating when you cross them as my OH found out when he rounded a corner and came face to face with one - I've never seen him run so fast!


Thanks.  I'll be getting OH to strim some paths through the long grass area to give us access to the back fence, plum trees and raspberry patch so cats and dogs can prowl safely.

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