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that's really good. The dragonflies will come and lay their eggs in there next year.


If I remember correctly they need tall reed-like ones for the nymph to crawl up out of the water, where it will metamorphose into the adult dragonfly.  



You will be amazed at how quickly things colonise your pond. We had a large water beetle arrive while we were watching the last few drops of rain fill ours.


I have the smallest pond imaginable and when I was clearing the sludge at the bottom a week or two ago found four boy frogs hibernating in the sludge.  I quickly put the water back and the rain has now topped it back up.  You will have endless fun Sara.  When I first started the pond I spent hours on my stomach staring into the water.  


Enjoy it!  I have a tiny one and newts came in from nowhere....and a grass snake if it comes to that.  Yellow iris's are good (although can get rampant) and something to shade the surface. 

hollie hock

Nice pic Forester I have a tiny pond, to call it a pond is a bit of exageration really, more like a ditch but things do  find their way, no frogs but I do see some toads from time to time

I built a pond 8mx4m only six months ago and feel so lucky (i know things can go horribly wrong). afer filling and waiting for a month i put in many different water and bog plants plus two small bales of barly straw, water beetles and other insects showed up first followed by dragon flies and in september a frog and last week my wife spotted a newt.its the best thing we have done in the garden and gives us lots of pleasure

and in spring you will see whole families of birds bathing in it! I loved watching the newly fledged blackbirds and tits learning how to bathe earlier this year!

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