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We have finally given up trying to re-create centre court at Wimbledon and decided to create a wild flower meadow in the most infertile areas of a lawn. We have raked it, cut it very short and raked it again. So what advice can anyone provide as to the following:

Seeds or plugs, flower type, level of prep required, bets times to plant.



The only thing I'd seed into a lawn is yellow rattle which I'd do in autumn. All else I'd grow in pots or a garden plot and transplant when large enough to compete with the grass.

Thanks for the comment. The ground is very infertile and the grass doesn't grow in the areas chosen. Being an impatient sort of chap what about if I rake the surface so its almost bare?


Nothing to lose except seed. I'd start a few of each in pots at the same time, then you can plant them later if needed.

Don't forget that a lot of the seeds sold as wild flower mixes, poppies, cornflowers, corncockles etc, are not grassland plants. They're arable land plants that grow in turned soil alongside the cereal crops

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