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I wonder the ones that have sparrows what area are you in I am in the midlands redditch Worcestershire and still not seen any sparrows in or around were I live

Rural, central Belgium surrounded by pasture and arable crops with woodland nearby.  We've planted up former cow pasture to include trees, shrubs, hedges and plenty of bulbs, perennials and grasses plus soft fruit and vegetables.  Plenty of shelter and planty of ssed heads, berries and insects for food.

I live on the Norfolk coast about half a mile from the beach we have two small hedges at the bottom of our garden the sparrows had two nests there in the spring and the young fledged, it was delightful to watch. The sparrows are regular visitors and spend time in the little hedges most days.

I'm in the suburbs of London with the Sparrows nesting on a neighbours house and using our garden to collect nesting material and to feed their young. They have been breeding very successfully here for a few years and a welcome return after years of not seeing many in the garden.


Gracie - that's exactly what happens here 


This our first year here back in Oxfordshire sparrows were always round

Phil, I'm in the midlands, about 3m south of Leicester.  On the other side of the hedge is a couple of hundred metres of open grass, so sort of semi-rural.  I leave most of the seedheads on my garden plants over the winter and do try to grow bird and insect friendly plants.  If only I could get rid of the blummin wood pigeons and squirrels though - they cause havoc in my veg plot!

Pigeon pie might be the answer don't think squirrel pie would be good...I know what you though I have wood land all around me so plenty of wood pigeons they don't leave much else for the rest of the birds at the moment I am trying to make the bird table pigeon proof

I live in the n/east, and my wife and I enjoy a good walk/stroll around our area, and near us is a pub with massive hedges and  grossly overgrown cottonesters. the bushes at spring time were alive with families of sparrows all squabling and flitting about.....But! as soon as the season wore on, they ALL disappeared????

 Upto today they have not returned. this ties in with my own garden. despite my feeders being full, I have no small customers to speak of.

( we have a robin, a little tit of some sort) we do have a good crop of starlings.

 (I call them toe rags, because they knock about in gangs and bully everything, aswell as scoffing everything in sight )

So from my point of view, I haven't a clue as to where the litle sparrows have gone???


They've moved out into the fields and wild hedgerows where the seeds are - they'll return to their 'nursery' next spring to produce the next generation. 

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