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Hi, just wondered how we were all getting on? My little pond is full of all sorts of little wriggly larvae. The grass has grown very long around the liner and I think the frogs are using this to their advantage as I hear them but don't see them.

The dandelions have gone to seed now and today I noticed that the water crowfoot is starting to flower and my dwarf lily has grown a leaf to the surface.

It's beautiful just watching the season unfold. Tonight I noticed a white buff tailed bumble bee struggling. Poor thing couldn't fly in the rain and must have been feeling pretty chilly so I popped him on a piece of card and put a water and sugar solution in a tiny lid for him to drink from and then he huddled down under a plant pot that I filled with dry moss for him. I've now put him under the hedge for shelter in the pot- lovely little creature.
Sounds beautiful. Ponds give year round interest and I like looking at all the miniscule creatures shooting around in "schools". Mine has so many tadpoles this year.
I didn't get any tadpoles this year but I'm hoping that changes next spring. Would love tadpoles

I have tadpoles and we've spotted one female smooth newt.  My Grandad came round yesterday and told me I was very privileged to have a newt in my pond! 

All my Newts still active in the Pond and plenty of immatures hiding around the garden under stones etc.

Just short of Toads unfortunately

Tho to make up for that, large Slow Worm busily sloughing it's skin the last couple of days


Victoria Sponge

A slow worm- that'd be super. 

Hopefully one day I'll live in an environment where I can see critters like that...for now I'll be thankful for my 1x frog and 1x pond skater


Very excited today that after 4 yrs we saw our first newt. Its a small wildlife pond and is full of snails, pond skaters, dragonfly larvae but up to now, no tadpoles or newts.


A friend was filling in her pond (she is making a new small one) and although it's advised not to transfer spawn I took it off her hands. It's not come from too far away though. I didn't put it in the pond,but made 3 small ponds in those underbed storage boxes. That was about five weeks ago. I've put them in the pond over the last week but what a job catching them. It's given them a real head start but I can't get over the variation in sizes. Everybody ought to have a pond.


We have changed from wildlife to fish pond this year, OH's choice not mine, must admit it's looking good, but one thing that's of concern is that we put fish in ten days ago, and as of yet they have not fed on the floating pellets that we put in for them, we put the pellets in one day and scoop them out the next untouched, we only catch fleeting glimpses of the fish, i know it's all new to them and they will be a bit skittish, plus the water may still be a bit on the cold side just now, but it is a concern that they are not feeding, any piscatorial advice from the fish keepers on here would be much appreciated...



If you've got a largish pond and it's been a wildlife pond there may be enough life left to feed the fish for a while. 

I've got sticklebacks in the the final part of my pond system, they come up through the ditches when water levels are high.


They can  be quite shy to feed at this time of year and under those circumstances they may take a few weeks to settle, but I'd agree with nut - there will be a lot of food still there.

Like kids- they'll eat eventually - when they're hungry enough 


Cheers for putting my mind at rest guys, do you's think i should keep putting the feed in say once or twice a week and scoop it out if it's not been eaten the next day...

.PG..........if your fish don't eat the food you put in within an hour....they don't need it.

Un eaten fish food will only sink and help contaminate your pond  


My Belfast sink pond is now set up. I was able to fill it with  it with rainwater. So far I have one marginal in pot ( water mint ), several oxygenators planted into sand and several floating plants. I've noticed that the water looks ' slimy ' as if its gone stagnant already. I could take some water out and refill with fresh but don't have enough clean rainwater stored so would have to use tap. What would be the best thing to do ?

I did see a small black insect crawling about underwater in there, so hopeful more  wildlife will come  


Balance is achieved in time hh. If you take water out and put new in you'll be taking a step back



So should I just leave it alone then?


I wouldn't change the water, you could try the barley straw thing. I've never used it but other people say it works


I've got barley straw in my pond, early days, but seems to be doing the trick, the main test will be the summer...

Cheers Philippa, i do scoop the pellets out if they are not eaten, just wished they would hurry up and eat, it was bogof on the feed pellets, think we have a lifetimes supply... 

Hey guys,
Sorry for late reply, been a manic week with work and interviews.
Im enjoying reading reading all of our updates. I have newt and now slow worm envy! Lol
I noticed today that my pond is overrun with duckweed again but the barley straw seems to be stopping the blanket weed which is good.
Good news on the wasp nest front- the rain seems to have put a stop to their underground building. Fingers crossed they don't return! It is very damp now by the pond so maybe they don't like getting their feet wet!

How does this barley straw work ? I tried it in my pond down south and didn't notice any change. I had blanket weed in that pond and have it in my raised pond up here.