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There are some areas where the numbers of grey squirrels are in need of some sort of humane control - the damage they do to garden bird populations is huge - you know they rob the nest of eggs and nestlings 


Greedy devils.

I put vaseline on the wires that supports the feeders and OH has made a wire thing that holds lid on firmly.

I wish the sparrow hawk would take the squirrels rather than the birds.


I think that now that the buzzard is on the increase,then this could balance things out.How-ever they also like red squirrels also.

What do you think is the solution?


I live in NE Scotland, so only have the red squirrels thank goodness.  I'm surrounded by woodland, and I absolutely love the squirrels, and built a special feeder box for them - though the devils don't use it, they use the peanut feeder instead, and the birds use the squirrel feeder box - doh !

I've also named my regular 2 visitors Seb and Stevie - sorry

Stevie is the baby, with a fuzzy blond tail



How lucky are you Kezza,sorry to hear about Bluboots problem but she shure does have my sympathy. we recently stayed in a log cabin in the welshpool area,and they had got into the roof and all you could hear all night was them scratching and running back and too.The best noise i heard was the game keeper in the morning with his shot gun.



I find the the problem i have over grey squirrels, is that they are just so distructive.They batter my feeder's Take the heads of my flower's,and i have even taken item's off my son's bike ie handle bar grip's.

they also distroy tree's by eating their buds off.and remove bark from the tree's.I have some nuthatches who regulary visit the food depot,but the squirrel's soon clear them off.They are a right pain in the a..e, but can be entertaining sometimes.


Some say that those alarm gadgets that are supposed to scare dogs off also work on squirrels.Does anyone know if this is so or even to what extent does it work on ie rats,mice etc.


Hi Diddy, just noticed you asked where I lived as we have red squirrels.  I live in Formby on the NW coast - not too far from you I believe.


it wont be long now before they start to hibernate,unless we have a mild winter.


How can you possibly resist these dear little things?!



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